Issues We Can Discuss

There are many different issues you may want to address in therapy.   Here are some areas where I have helped others:

 Understanding your worth and value as a person.

How to know if you are in a good healthy relationship.

How to communicate in a way you can be heard.

Are you being abused? What really is abuse?

Do you have an addiction? Are your loved ones concerned?

Do you feel like a child in a adult body?  I can help you mature your inner-child.

How to stop your self-harming behaviours.

How to deal with mental health issues.

How to feel like you have purpose in life, and combat suicidal thoughts.

Building a strong relationship with your partner: couple / marriage counselling.

Letting go of the black cloud of depression and finding the way out of the hole you are in.

Learning how to build attachment and love into your parenting rather than behaving towards your children in ways that you swore you never would .

How to find ways to relax and not panic or be anxious in stressful situations.

How to overcome difficulty in your sexual relationship because of issues in your past such as sexual abuse or a dysfunctional relationship.

How to understand your gender identity issues.

Working through your adoption issues, building attachment to your new family and understanding how to deal with the old.

Understanding your eating disorder and why you do what you do and how to change it.

When I began counselling I had a broken

spirit and heart. Now I have taken

back “my power” and have Serenity

and joy.  – age 35

Thank you for helping me find me!  Your work is brilliant.  It helps me to find the clarity I seek,  “My Truth”.  -age 46