Are you in emotional pain?     Keep dwelling in the past?     You don’t have to go through              this alone.                                         I can help.



  • Worrying about the future?
  • Do you feel like you have lost who you are?
  • Are you frozen unable to move forward?
  • Do the painful things from the past still feel like they are happening now?
  • Do you walk on eggshells? Are you struggling to create a loving satisfying relationship?
  • Are you feeling purpose-less, depressed, empty?
  • Are you finding yourself feeling distant, angry, resentful, hurt and misunderstood?
  • Are you wondering how you and your partner became so far apart?

I can help, my intention is to support individuals toward living full and meaningful lives.  I provide a listening ear, understanding, and encouragement in a safe setting in which to do your personal work.  You will need trust and safety to begin the process of change and I am able to create a setting that aids in this movement towards personal growth and healing.                                ~ Corrina

Image 2A designation of BC Association of Clinical Counsellors

Corrina Arnold MA MC RCC


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